Friday, June 05, 2009


The USS Constellation in the Inner Harbor.

The Baltimore World Trade Center.

View from the top of the world.

Sabatino's, in Little Italy.

Ladybug, lady bug fly away home....

Aphids may wreak havoc on my plants, but they do attract good bugs that feast on them. One of my favorite beetles is the Lady bug. Here are a couple of shots of a lady beetle and larvae in my garden.

Can you believe these orange and black larvae will become the lovely Lady Bug? Amazing.

Spending time with the cousins

My cousin and her family came to Northern Virginia for a visit last week. It was great to spend time with everyone. Her children, Solana and Redford, are the most polite, cutest kids ever. I cannot believe how big they are getting. And despite the time and miles between us, whenever we get together it's as if we were never apart. We had a blast, and I cannot wait for the next visit.

Brian and Karin deep in conversation.

Solana and her pretty smile.

My beautiful cousin, Karin.

Redford is a musical genius in training.