Saturday, January 07, 2006

Touchdowns, punts, interceptions....Spitting?!?!

OMG!!!!! What a game! The Redskins tore it up on the field this afternoon. This was obviously retribution for the last time the 'Skins played Tampa Bay. It was a good strong start for Washington, but the road got a little bumpy in the second half. I am still uncertain on my feelings on the Sean Taylor "spitting incident." I didn't see it happen, but the ref certainly did. And if Taylor did spit on Pittman....Wow! What a low class act of unsportsmanlike conduct. Heck, that is "unhumanlike" conduct. Once, a long time ago, I spit on my high school boyfriend Jeff's face(trying to be silly, not mean.) Well, he didn't hit me (which was Pittman's reaction to Taylor) but he did get very mad. Lesson learned. But Sean Taylor is a man, and he should know better. I really want to see some video evidence on the subject though. Seems Taylor was accused of spitting back in '04 too. No video evidence transpired so the NFL dropped it. Maybe he's just one of those guys that spits when he daffy duck.
Oh, and Chris Simms can just fall off the face of the earth for all I care. I don't care who his daddy is. What was with his taunting Rogers after he ran out of bounds. It looked as if he said "Come on, hit me now, sucka." Okay, he really didn't say that, I am not much of a lip reader. But he did have a smirk, and he did motion with his hand. Karma came and got him when he threw an interception and lost the game! WOOHOO!
So, now it is off to Seattle. Remember week 4, anyone? But this is not week 4, this is the playoffs and the Seahawks are pretty badass this year with a 13-3 record. The 'Skins will need to step it up, give the ball to Clinton, and try not to spit on anyone.