Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ode to Ipod

I have never been so sad in my life (except when my poppop and grandmother died). Anyway, I have never been more sad for an "object" more than now...When my beautiful pink Ipod mini died. Why did it have to die? Did Apple foresee the death of my ipod? Did they anticipation it's death? Did they want me to use my ipod until I fell in love with it, downloading over 800 song? Did they want me to use it so much that I felt that it was a part of me? Did they want me to have my boyfriend record his own music into mp3 form so that I could download it to my ipod. Did they want me to learn to become accustom to the feel of the tiny, white ear buds?
Well...Apple....I am in love with my pink Ipod. I love it so much that I am sending it back to you so that you can fix the battery. I heard that ipod batteries are only meant to last a couple of years. When the battery dies it must be sent in to the Apple Corporation to be refurbished. Well Apple, you have won. I am sending my precious ipod to you. You will erase all of the data that I have saved to my ipod. You will refurbished the battery. I cannot say that I am happy about the entire process, but at least I will have my ipod back soon.
So, in retrospect, I ask of you, Apple, please make an ipod that will last..One that does not have to be sent back, one that will outlast the life of the owner. Until I get my ipod back, I will be mourning it. And I will tell everyone this- life without ipods is a life that I do not want
to live.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm Buggin Out, Man!

I am not trying to be redundant on the subject of bugs, but I just can’t help it. The bugs in, on, and around my house is ridiculous. I found this little guy hanging out on my front door when I came home one evening. Unidentified, I shall call him/her “Creepy yellow thing on my door.”