Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pictures of Ethan from his visit to Maryland

My sister and nephew flew in from Georgia last month and I am just now getting around to posting the pics. But they are well worth the wait. Ethan is a little ball of sunshine.

Ethan loves telephones. He had the cutest imaginary conversations while playing with this phone.

We took Ethan to the promenade at the park. He loved it. He thought that water was a pool though. He would run up to random strangers and say "Ethan's pool." It was the cutest thing.

This is what I call the "GQ" shot.

It appears that Ethan is deep in prayer in this picture. But his moments of stillness are few and far between.

The neighbor's cat really liked Ethan. I think she is "making biscuits" (kneading) on his belly, which is why is has that look of horror on his face.