Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Late summer trip to Ocean City, Maryland

Despite calling Ocean City home for many years, returning as a tourist is an easy task. Just driving down Coastal Highway and smelling the salty, ocean air puts one in a relaxed mood. And as a tourist you appreciate things that you normally don't as a local.
I just spent a couple of days in OC with my dad and Sandy. It was wonderful to wake up to spectacular sunrises, feel the sand beneath my feet, and collect sea shells.
I had so much fun that I found myself questioning why I even moved from Ocean City in the first place. Then I remembered that when I lived at the beach it was a totally different experience than visiting there. As I sat on the beach Saturday afternoon I was flooded with memories of when I lived in Ocean City. It was an awkward time filled with great memories as well as unsettling situations. Nothing really seemed permanent when I lived there. Summer jobs, summer flings, summer friends, even the bus passes only lasted one day. And it was an awfully lonely place in the winter. It really makes me appreciate my home in Havre de Grace so much. But, trips down memory lane aside, I took some lovely pictures during out visit. Of the things I miss the most about living in Ocean City the top has to be the scenery.

It is best to enjoy these pictures with a cold beer, some island music, and warm breeze....
Dad surf fishing
Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean
Fishing Gear

Footprints in the sand

Sailboat in the ocean

Sandy napping at the beach

KP at the beach
Dad at the beach

Feeding the seagulls

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spiny Spidey

I found this very horny spider on the mother's back deck. I scooped it up in a drinking glass in order to take a few pictures. I believe that it is a Spiny Orb-Weaver. I have seen many pictures of these spiders on the web (often the ones resembling crabs) but never have I come across one in nature. After the photo shoot I put it back into the bushes.